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I have been trying to come up with a decent idea that hasn’t been overdone, and hasn’t been thought of, to give technology users a better experience with either the web or a specific technology thats been around that needs a facelift.  So far I’ve come up pretty empty.  I can come up with ways to make a process better, but then I ram into a market already flooded with ideas trying to do the same thing over and over.  Its a lot harder than it looks to come up with an actual legitimate tool that hasn’t been done before.  So what I would like to do next is to try and poll some ideas that I have had and see where the majority of my time should be focused on based on the outcome.  So please feel free to add your own idea as I am open to suggestions.  I am here to serve the masses before profit, although the idea ultimately needs to be profitable to be successful.

Technology Ideas

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Website Hosting and Development

I am trying to look at expanding my website development work as well as my web hosting services.  If you or anyone you know are looking for a good deal for these services please just shoot me an email or go to my contact page and send me a form.  I mostly develop with WordPress sites, but would also be willing to do a more custom site if needed.  The reason for WordPress is that it cuts down on the amount of hours it takes me to develop a website and therefore is more affordable to some over creating a new site from scratch.  I am of course willing to do both but usually recommend WordPress development to my customers since it is very easy to customize to most needs and can easily grow if needed.  There are of course limitations, mainly due to the fact that not all the code for WordPress can be manipulated and changed, and sometimes while customizing the website it would have been easier to start from scratch.  This of course is hard to determine unless you have a really good outline of what you want from your website and how you want it to function and flow.  I of course help sketch that out in the design phase with the customer and then move into the content management to see how extensive the data will be.

So again, if you need any assistance on an old website that you would like converted over to something new and more dynamic, or if you need help starting from scratch please contact me and I will do my best to see what can be done for you.

Logo for Website

Just got back my logo for my website, please let me know what you think!  I am currently working with a few clients for website development but willing to take on more if you know of anyone needing assistance with a current website or in need of one.



Website Philosophy

So I have been talking to quite of few clients as well as others about how I see the internet. I see it as a wealth of knowledge, too much it is just noise but too little you don’t get heard. You need a balance between content and interest with what you post onto the web.  One instance of this is the fact that so many news sites have so much going on the page its hard to hone in onto the important information you are interested in.  What I try and do is leave out the distractions and bring in what you want to show to the world who you are or what you stand for.

Another good example of this would be how Google puts together their content for the different applications they have.  They try to make it simple but yet usable, also minimal flashing lights and distracting content.  When you can pick out what you need quickly you will most likely go back and find what you desire again and recommend it to your friends or colleagues to read or go over.

In conclusion, more is not always better, especially when it comes to the content of a site.  Keep that in mind the next time you look for a design, you want it to stand out but you also don’t want it to distract the viewer from what your overall goal is on your site.