Information Security

I haven’t written anything on security for a whie so I thought I would just write up a few points that I feel important to follow in this age of technology.  More and more people are being attacked in multiple directions when they don’t even realize it.  I will just list a few different types of attacks that are seen as a daily or weekly occurance for most organizatons or personal users.

  • Emails claiming to be an official representitive of a company that you may or may not be affiliated with asking for information, mainly username or passwords but sometimes credit card information and other personal information.
  • Phone calls asking for a specific person in an organization phishing for information such as a name, a phone number, etc.  This is social engineering, gathering information to attempt to infultrate a company.
  • Illegitimate websites gathering information from your computer via cookies and then selling it to companies, or having you install trojans or viruses that infect your computer and compromise the system.

Any of the above could happen to anyone, even with the best anti-virus software, the real key is the user peice.  Security is as good as the people who run the computers, if the user is unaware of these types of attacks then it doesn’t matter what type of precausions are put in place.  Awareness is key in trying to avoid loss of information and degredation.  Keep this in mind the next time you see an email asking for your username and password, if it was legit the service would never ask for that information since they don’t need it.

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