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Beat the Heat – Dust

One of the computer system’s arch enemies is heat. While heat may only be an annoyance to most of us… or just an excuse to jump in a pool… heat in a computer can cause some serious issues. In part one of our new multi-part series on the effects of heat, we will cover dust and dust removal in computers.

The internal components of a computer system (be it desktop or laptop) generate lots of heat while they operate. To combat the heat issue, engineers develop ways to increase air flow through the use of fans and other heat dispersal systems, such as heat-sinks (metal components used to draw heat away from main internal components).
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Hyatis from The TechCentrics

Just thought I would quickly report that is not dead, we have just been taking a bit of a break.  I started working a new job, and I know that both of my colleges have been fairly busy as well.  I am hoping to get everything back up and running by the end of this month.  New content will be added, more technology news will be looked at and hopefully this website will start up again with a vengeance!

That’s all for now, until next time!